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B is for Breasts
Of which ladies have two;
Once prized for the function,
Now for the view.

~Robert Paul Smith

Hah!  Do I have your attention yet, flist?  I'm sorry for that, but I'm very amused by the subject of today's random entry:  Breasts.

So, was having a conversation with a friend [nameless at his request] today on, you guessed it, boobs.  My fascination with my own boobs is not a secret (hey, I only just got them 6 years ago; motherhood for the win) nor is my fascination in others' for that matter.  XD  The conversation came about because his girlfriend was self-conscious of her chest because she felt her nipples were too big and shaped wrong.

What makes a nice set of tits?  Is it resemblance to the silicone porn stars, with tiny, perfect nipples?  Is it a lack of blemishes or imperfections?  Or are girls just thinking too deeply into this shit?

Honestly, I think it is very much the latter.  As an appreciator of boobs, despite not being a man, I can say quite easily that breasts are nice.  I don't care if you've got giant ones or small ones, boobs are great.  Why all the fuss?  What is there to be ashamed about or self-conscious about?

I don't have 'perfect' boobs.  I have Montgomery Glands (those little bumps on the areola), and I have large nipples.  Umm, hello?  I have had a child.  To prepare for breastfeeding, a woman's areolas grow larger and darken (contrast, for the poor eyesight of a newborn).  Mine did both.  While the color faded some, the size remained.  I admit I have my occasional self-sonfidence problems with this particular aspect... but I simply love my boobs too much to hold it against them.  And I remember when I did that short foray into topless photography (for artistic reasons to illustrate poetry, not that my confidence lasted, LOL!) I got a lot of very appreciative comments on my nipples, which made me feel better.  XD

Anyway, my point!  Yes, I have one!

Girls: I know a lot of women have serious insecurities about thier chest.  Well, don't.  Seriously.  No matter your cup size, the details of your nipples, or the way they sit, I doubt most men (or women for that matter, since we know there are differences!) would have a problem with them.  Especially if he loves you.  Your relationship will never hinge on how great your boobs are (and if it does, get the fuck out of the relationship :P) and just enjoy whatever you've got.  XD

Guys: I've got a handful of guys on here, and allow anonymous posting to boot.  What are your thoughts?  It is always nice to hear from the opposite gender on this.  ;)

And I'm done!

Back to homework.  :P

Here is a handy site if you're still feeling insecure, one that Googling found me for [name omited]'s girlfriend.  :)  Nipple Gallery  It has every kind of nipple there is and shows that just about everything is a normal variance.  :P  Warning/Comment:  Some of the pictures on there will make you go O___O and likely subsequently feel wonderful about your own chest.  I hate to admit feeling better about myself at the expense of another but... well, honesty, yeah?

Hm. Yes, boobs are nice.

I mean, compare a male body to a female body...not only are we way better looking naked (no offense, men...), but...yes. Boobs. Lovely things. Women have gorgeous bodies, they really do.

I like my boobs. I would like them bigger, but the bustier of my friends tell me I don't want that. XD I'll just wait until motherhood. Hee.

Yeah. *shrug* I'm not really sure where I'm going with this other than yes, boobs are nice. I find myself staring sometimes at other women's boobs. In admiration. Or jealousy. Or both. Go me. Totally straight, right? Bahahaha. ;)

Love you, Kchan. See you in a few weeks.

LOL! I have a deep fondness for both the male and female body aesthetically and sexually, so I can't agree, but women are certainly softer and more 'beautiful'. Curves are always very graceful on the eyes. ;)

No, you don't want bigger ones. Yours are just fine and, as you said, motherhood will give you a boost anyway. :P Wait out the natural evolution, LOL.

Uhh... yes... because all straight girls check out the boobs of others. XD I think you are about a 1.5 on the Kinsey scale, I'd say. Able to appreciate the same gender and I'm sure there are situations that could cause more than appreciation, but still straight....ish. XD